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Federal Law states that companies must have proof of resident / citizenship status for all employees. It must be filed in specific manner and must be updated at specific intervals. Failure to comply can result in major penalties and potentially loss of business. We can perform annual HR 3rd party audit or develop a process for you or we can perform this service.


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Every company needs to have a comprehensive employee handbook. This is the reference book for the employee with regard to time off, expenses, holidays, payroll, timekeeping, progressive discipline, company ethics, company culture and beliefs, and so much more. We help small and medium businesses by developing their company employee handbook.


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Every business has ups and downs. When you have a down period and have to layoff employees, let us handle the outplacement. We will work with them to write or upgrade their resume, write or upgrade their cover letter, help them in the job search, and help them with interview skills. We will work with those employees so they are able to land on their feet.


Checks, Workman's Comp, Unemployment

We can help with timecards, payroll checks, workman's comp insurance, and unemployment insurance. We provide this service so you can spend your time running your business.


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So much of being an employer is keeping accurate and up to date records. We do that for you for all our employees. We often keep all the company employee records to make sure there are no gaps or errors. We keep one copy at your site and a second copy at our site.


Continuous Education

Learning is a never ending process. If we were to live to be 1000 years old we would still continue to learn every day. We provide new hire training and orientation, specific skills training, MS Office training, and other forms of continuous education to benefit your team.

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