The Delusional Book Series

The Fantastic Adventures of Joe and Nick Series

Delusional: Death of a startup

Book one

A new high tech manufacturing facility is coming to Florida. They are bringing with them thousands of high paying jobs. The new company is boasting claims of bringing the jobs back to America by recapturing the lead in the rapidly expanding lithium battery market. The company President is building a team that can put this little Florida company on the world-wide map for lithium battery production. They appear to be a “Can’t Miss” success! But the majority owners have another plan in mind. One that involves greed, pettiness, and delusions of personal riches. An excellent book to study the struggles of one start-up manufacturing business.

Delusional: death of a buyout

Book two

Darrell Craig was an excellent businessman and had a highly successful business that he had grown from nothing. Three men named John visited him one evening and asked to purchase his business. After some negotiations, the deal was made. Then everyone got greedy. A story of greed and criminal activity disguised as a business buyout. Sprinkled with humor and business situations, this is Book Two in the Delusional Business series.

The Unlikely Adventures of Joe and Nick

Book Three

This book is a hilarious adventure story of two friends as they grow up in separate parts of the country, but are destined to meet and become friends. This is a tale worthy of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.

We follow their hilarious, wacky, zany, misadventures from early years through adulthood.

• Learn the proper application of electricity.

• Learn about snow skiing.

• Motivational techniques for soccer players.

• How to open a frozen padlock in temperatures below zero.

• The boys play sports including baseball and basketball.

• Learn great techniques for car repair.

This is a fantastic, humorous tale of two young men growing up. They have many unlikely adventures and are able to somehow survive them all. Most of all this book provides us many lessons on what NOT to do.

A must read for all ages for this year and every year.

I know you will enjoy it!

Coming soon: "Further Adventures of Joe and Nick"

Coming August 2020