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To supplement the recruiting efforts of your own talent acquisition teams or you want to outsource the entire recruitment process, LORL Staffing will lower your average cost per hire by sorting through resumes, screen potentially qualified candidates, and run background checks, and drug screenings. We provide you with qualified, prescreened and tested applicants.

Because we use leading edge search and candidate evaluation tools, we source qualified candidates quickly, and provide screening to any level you require.


What we will review

LORL Staffing can help you fill key positions by finding people with the unique skills that you need to fill a specific short term need. With today's technology, the Jack-of-all-trades type employee is becoming scarce. Instead you may need short term or long term assistance from a very specialized person.

Perhaps you need 3D Modeling, SolidWorks, FDA Remediation, ISO Quality Systems, a Systems Engineer, or even a qualified HVAC Technician to fill a short term need. Let us help. We provide the qualified staff and if you decide you need them longer when the contract ends, you can renew or hire them on full time.


We Don't Read Just Anything

Growing companies, as well as established companies, often need temporary help, seasonal employees, or just need to cover peaks in the business. LORL Staffing can help with these temporary employees by providing skilled, qualified, prescreened candidates who are available to work during the temporary period. This allows the employee to pick up extra work when they are available and allows the employer to pick up extra help when needed.


What to Expect

Making hiring decisions is challenging. Often the critical skills for the job aren’t clear. Often there isn’t time to fully vet every resume that comes through, leaving potentially stellar candidates out of the running. And more often, a candidate’s resume does not accurately reflect their particular work style and attitude.

But you can try out the talent in a different way. LORL Staffing will source and screen resources for you and deploy them as a temporary employee. With our temp-to-perm services, you set the schedule for conversion to perm status, when and if you are confident that they are the right fit for your company.


We are Fair, but Honest

When you decided to go into business you probably imagined you would be successful plying your trade, doing what you enjoy, and probably did not imagine that much of your time would be consumed with payroll, benefits, HR issues, and risk management. Many business owners prefer not to handle these things and are instead leasing employees. Why? Because we take care of these responsibilities and free you up to run your business. And that allows you to be more profitable.

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We don't Return Submittals

All our candidates are prescreened using background check, drug testing, driving record (if applicable for the position), social media checks, criminal record, reference checks, education verification, and skills tests. We ensure that every candidate represents our company and yours with pride and ethics.

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Company Downsizing

Unfortunately, most companies have peaks and valleys. When your company has to downsize, don't leave the employees without a hope. We will work with the employees to help them prepare for a new job. We will help with resumes, cover letters, social media, training them on how to apply, and in general will work with them until we can help them find work to support their families.