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Having spent the majority of his professional career traveling throughout the United Stated and internationally, Lee Arrowood is devoted to giving his readers stories filled with fun and adventure. His goal has always been to brighten the day of those he meets.

Lee Arrowood grew up in rural West Virginia. He lived outside of the small town of Wayne, population around 1,400. This was a town where everyone knew everyone and there were very few secrets. When growing up in rural America, people must be tough and self-reliant. But this often ends up with surprising results, which is the focus of much of Lee's writing.

He started his writing career in high school as member of the high school yearbook staff. Lee was also the sports columnist for his college newspaper and later on was a contributing technical editor for a global trade magazine for six years.

He has traveled extensively throughout North and Central America and Asia for the past 25+ years. To effectively utilize all the time spent in hotels and on airplanes, Lee began writing about many of his adventures. At any given time, he now has three to five stories in progress. During his travels Lee made use of his time by writing a textbook on fiber optic communications and sold it to a national training organization.

He has always been known for telling humorous stories and making people laugh. At nearly any social gathering Lee can be found spinning tales and making people laugh. He has a way of looking at an event as an adventure and seeing the humorous side of situations from his life that might otherwise have been tragic.

He is currently writing a series of stories about his adventures growing up in West Virginia and traveling the world from his residence in Florida. Catch his hilarious adventures in his series of "Unlikely Adventures of Joe and Nick".

Lee spends his working time having new adventures and helping others as much as he and Michele can. They are frequently to be found trying new things, enjoying new sights, and most of all, having fun doing it.

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